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When Love Multiplies

It is soothing to know that during hard times, you have someone who stands by you. It is like having warm soup on a cold, icy day; that is what a genuine friend can feel like especially when one is going through a transformative healing journey. This journey can be a difficult one, as one begins to deeply face themselves in a more authentic way, and find themselves swimming in a sea of, what feels like, never-ending darkness. It is through her light and being, bright-lit being, that I have found my way back home. Her light offered guidance back to where love resides. She is a mirror of my truth, her truth, our truth…no need for separation at this point – we are one. A mirror that helped me see my beauty and essence, and gave me the courage to love myself again. Her eyes held my child with kindness and tender care, and cradled my most vulnerable parts. As she called forth my hand, I gave it to her, and together we broke down walls that were built out of fear and deep pain. And as we break down walls, we reflect together, we understand together, we grow together.

The healing power of friendship, genuine friendship, is unlike any other – for a person to see ALL of you and still deeply love you makes my heart sing and my being bow down to everything that is in this universe. She has been and continues to be a big part of my healing journey, walking with me, her lightness lifting me, and her laugh soothing the wounds. And I do the same for her – a deep reciprocity and synchronicity as our souls meet once again to create a pocket of love in this world and open space for ripples. She speaks: “Love multiplies”, two words that move me to my very core. And as our friendship grows and our love grows, the wind that moves within and between our beings carries that love forth to others. Our hearts are fuller and more open to love…more and more and more. To give in a friendship does not leave you empty; on the contrary, it leaves you fuller because it comes from a we-space pool – I find this to be one of life’s miracles. Magic…. A blessing. A wonder. A gift. I only hope that someday everyone experiences such deep friendships, and maybe, just maybe, we would slowly incubate a kinder healing world.

Nadine Saidi is a psychotherapist, humanist and deep ecologist currently based in Lebanon. She is cofounding a healing centre called 'Beit Insan' (Human Home), which provides therapy, research and community building that centre around deep love and genuine human connection.

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