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The purpose of this blog is simple. It is to provide a non-judgmental, liberal space for us to bring our vulnerable, raw, struggling, fragmented selves into dialogue with one another. I want to hear your story- your pain, your tenderness, what makes your heart full, what fills you with dread and every aspect of your truth. Not the absolute truth – your truth, your essence.

I approach mental health with a humanistic and psychodynamic understanding instead of the commonly used medical model in India. This essentially means that I deeply appreciate your narrative and the distinctive experience of your intrapsychic subtleties. I work with empowering you through a more profound understanding of yourself rather than slapping you with a diagnosis and a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I believe we are unique, soulful individuals that do not need to be straightjacketed into diagnostic labels in order to identify ourselves.

And this blog is aimed at exactly that- recognising the fluidity and dynamic spirit of being human and how diverse mental health struggles look on all of us. Psychological distress paints us all in different hues and colours. The same red rage takes a different shade against my skin and yours. The despair of depression might appear as an austere noir on me but a lonely grey on you. I hope to capture these delicately distinguishing shades by giving us all a chance to voice the complexities of mental health difficulties and build a fuller understanding of the intersection of the human condition and psychological disturbance.

Thus this blog shall not speak of ‘mental illness/disease’ or ‘cure’, ‘problems’ or ‘solutions’, ‘quick fixes’ or ‘tips’ but experiences, stories and expressions of distinctive inner worlds and conflicts, reflections and wisdom through various mediums of self-expression. Hopefully some of which resonates within us, enabling us to empathise with others and ourselves creating a community of healing and kindness.

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