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Our practice works on a prior appointment basis only.

Booking process: This booking form helps us get an idea of your needs, availability etc. based on which you will be matched with a therapist at the practice. You will hear back via email/phone call/Whatsapp/SMS for an appointment. After a suitable time is agreed upon, you will be sent a contract/consent form via email which covers information about what working with your therapist will look like in terms of confidentiality, fees, timings, boundaries, cancellation policies etc. This form needs to be signed before your work with the therapist begins. Please note, this is an online only practice.

Working hours: Monday - Friday (2pm - 8.30pm)

Disclaimer: We are not a crisis management centre and therefore will not be able to offer appointments immediately or within the week. The time period for your appointment ranges from 2 weeks - 3 months based on availability.

+91 7045121248 (please only contact us via phone if you are unable to directly fill the form up. This line is only attended to by our receptionist)


Rhea Gandhi email:

Team/therapist email:

You can use these email details to get in touch regarding conducting workshops, seminars, lectures etc. or use the form below.


Thank you for contacting me. I will revert back to you within 24 hours.

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