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Broken Images

Say hello to your conventionally ugly girl

The one with jiggly arms and sparkly metal peeping through cracked lips

The one with solemn eyes hiding behind the bushy arched unibrow

The one with nerves of steel layered with blankets of lush, thick, black hair

The one with sideburns that would put Elvis Presley to shame

The one with curves on her hips and dirt on her skin

The one who could never fit into a Lacey dress

The one with stories wrapped in a million scars

The one with the heavy chest and even heavier heart

The one with the button nose and wrinkles earned from a thousand wars

The one with her manly shoulders held up high, not to forget those fierce thunder thighs

The one with the crumpled butt and spotted back

The one with a gait so clumsy and a spirit so feisty

The one with unruly hair and a broken smile

The one with webbed feet keeping the demolished being intact

The one with thin film of tan concealing her insecurities

The one with the messy bun bestowed on her messier head

The one with swollen eyes holding clear tears to prove a point

The one with a high functioning brain and low functioning metabolism

The one with dreams in her soul and reality cupped in her hands

The one who once hoped to be your unconventionally beautiful girl

The one who hoped.

The one who will always hope.

Radhika is a creative escapist constantly looking to break away from gloomy chains of monotony through art, books and words.

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