Therapy Sessions

This is a personal project, an experiment to express and channelize my feelings in one direction. It is a series of three illustrations executed in different styles.

So much to do, such little time

I have always struggled with the idea of time- there is a lot that I want to do within one lifetime, and my goals have always pressurised me. This piece elaborates my thoughts better than my (lack of) words.

Looking for answers

I havn't fully understood the meaning of life and death, hence in my search for some meaning I stumbled upon a piece written by Albert Camus. Camus expresses my thoughts in words so perfectly. This piece is about my genuine process of looking for answers.


After a year of debating with myself about the purpose of life, there was a time full of anger and anguish because of ‘not knowing’. That eventually lead to asking myself questions like- what’s the point anyway? Why do I create? Why do we try so hard? This piece has a lot of hidden anger expressing my irritation towards human convinience. The small note at the side is an extract from the works of Mark Z. Danielewski from ‘House of Leaves’