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We all get encapsulated by nightmares. Awful fist clenching ones that make your heart want to jump right out. But it doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into something beautiful. I woke up, shivering and instead of going back to sleep, decided to pen down the nightmare. Whatever I remembered. However little it was. It needed to get out.

I saw stars They were beautiful I took a picture It looked beautiful There was something about that picture The stars They were telling me something I didn’t know There were letters and numbers, a 70 here, a ‘the’ there I was frozen I didn’t know what to do Nobody understood It was a message, loud and clear, yet I couldn’t understand it The stars Wanted to talk I wanted to listen I couldn’t I asked for help No one came I looked into the eyes of a stranger that did She gaped I looked back at the picture The stars had disappeared, it was black.

Mahdieh runs away from dogs but stops to pet cats. You can read her insightful musings here on :

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