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I used to be, irreplaceable yet now you’re fading, so irresistible,

You decay, as I watch, you obey, my touch..

Every passing day, you try to let go I’ll still find a way, to surround you in sorrow,

I bring tears laced across as facial veins, like desolate railway tracks contoured across barren planes

You decay, on my watch, in dismay, as I touch..

Do not resist me, i’m only here to teach, lessons you will learn once I have breached

All these walls, you built so you can hide, all your flaws, my shelter to reside,

You decay.. as I watch.. you obey.. as I touch..

I am grief,

I reside within your soul, you stare at me in disbelief, as I consume you whole

Nouman Fadra is an exceptionally lazy dreamer, looking for a way around the world, one word at a time. You can follow his thought provoking blog here -

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