Imagine a warrior clad in heavy armor

Picked apart by his enemy

One heavy chunk of metal at a time,

One portion of flesh left open to attack

Easily torn to shreds by piercing fury

the human mind is very similar,easily susceptible to attack,

Picked apart by it’s thoughts, collapsing within itself like jelly,

These thoughts are birthed by emotional trauma

And these thoughts birth insecurities that we have to live with for the rest of our lives,

These insecurities create voids in the soul

That make us humans feel empty or devoid

We try to fill these voids with love and companionship

But sometimes the human mind is too fragile to adjust to social situations

It’s too cautious, it’s afraid

And in this fear births loneliness

To compensate for that loneliness we love too hard, or too little, we

drink too much , we smoke too much, we snort, we inject,we cut ourselves,

Anything that makes us feel closer to death, makes us feel closer to life,

It’s a strange feeling, but it is one that addicts identify with

Overcompensating, self loathing, lack of ambition

Aimlessly going through the motions of existence

No drive, nothing,

Just nothing