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Death. I’ve always been afraid of it It could be natural It could be a disease It could be anything The cause doesn’t matter Only the outcome

Disintegrating into nothingness Memories cease to exist They slip away No matter how hard you try to hold on They slip away like sand through your fingers And the part that pains me the most? It’s inevitable Your thoughts more than deserve a decent place to live. Everybody’s thoughts. And so, do the thoughts die with you? Do they live on? In others? Your family, your children, your friends

Maybe I hope We all have a need for individual identity And ironically Sometimes forget who we are This is why our thoughts need To reside somewhere else too In a person Who can remind you, tell you Who you really are So, this is dedicated to you, person For being the chest that every human needs Both figuratively and literally. Or chests, if we are lucky enough it could Be more than one Usually is.

And when you are gone They will hold on to your thoughts, remember you The way you wish to be remembered And when they are gone Their chest(s) will remember them And by extension You. So thank you, for being a trove.

Mahdieh runs away from dogs but stops to pet cats. You can read her insightful musings here on :

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