My anxiety is like a guest that lives inside of me

And never remembers to pay its rent.

Yet over time, I’ve learned to become the perfect host

I take it along with me, everywhere I go.

My anxiety always knew that the popular kids only wanted my notes,

Even though some of them ate lunch with me sometimes.

My anxiety helps me to pick every outfit

So it isn’t too short. Too tight. Too teasing. Too Revealing.

It asks me to recheck the answer to seven times eight.

And I frantically press the calculator buttons. 7. x. 8.

It pushes me to study an extra hour or two,

Till I find myself asleep on an open book.

It advises me to scroll endlessly on excel sheets

To find an error buried deep inside cross checked figures.

But to give credit where it’s due,

my anxiety has never let me miss attaching a file when I say “PFA”.

My anxiety calls and checks on my parents

Even on days I forget to take a shower.

Mostly, it leaves me a little too prepared

For a life that doesn’t let you prepare at all.