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My Anxiety

Do not confuse nervousness and anxiety

Nervousness is

Butterflies in ones stomach

Anxiety is

Something more insidious

Like perpetual static

Felt in the veins,


Like curtains in your eyelids

being drawn up

And down


Forever paralysed between

Two distinct motions,

Something far more insidious

Than mere indecision ,

Anxiety is

Cleaning a dirty plate

And littering the clean one

At the same time

Anxiety is

Cold sweat on a cold night

I'd say 90 per cent

Of my cigarette addiction

Came from anxiety

Exhaling a cloud of uncertainty

One drag at a time

Carefully suffocating

The life out of endless possibilities

Endless possibilities

Of outcomes ending up in the shits

Anxiety is something insidious

Anxiety is far worse

Maulik is a writer, poet and meme enthusiast whose raw and frank writing style connects us readers with our often repressed dark side, enabling us to face our demons head on, breaking down our doors of denial one poem at a time

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