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Gair Ko Gair Kehna Behtar

Arsey tak apni cheez samajh kar ussey bachate rahe

Koi tohfa nahin tha woh, gulami ka bas ek zariya tha

Fareb hum samajh nahin paye aur woh samjha na sake

Ab samjhe ki farebi ke beech hum mukammal nahin ho payenge

Toh ab gair ki cheez rakhein bhi agar toh usse apna naam nahin denge


(For years, I protected what I thought was my secret

It was no present; only a means with which to subjugate

I couldn't break the conspiracy and they never bothered to

But when I realised that I won't flourish amidst deceit

I decided to call a spade a spade and even when I do accept something that's not my own, I shall not add my name to it)

Snigdha writes about moments when people are extremely honest, passionate and vulnerable. You can follow her blog here:

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