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I believe i'm stuck,

motionless and unable

to understand this life

never been so unstable

and often I find myself

with raindrops rampaging my skin

it's misery's melancholy

singing to me again

about how my eyes are skipping

what my heart wishes to see

the mind withholds a fervent rage

to let it all be

A numbness due to neurosis

as I succumb to this frailty

caught inside this hapless hypnosis,

slowly guided by apathy

paranoia has found its grip

a visceral claw that bends my will

letting go for casual guilt trips

between pages and prescription pills

so I pick my poison,

And let it surge through my veins

death by desire,

caused by an imbalance in my brain

Its the chemicals in my head,

a concoction of all things unsaid,

subscribed to a grand lie,

that it was the serotonin instead

the pills starve the sorrow,

and futile feelings within,

against a soul so hollow

am I ever going to win?

Nouman Fadra is an exceptionally lazy dreamer, looking for a way around the world, one word at a time. You can follow his thought provoking blog here:

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