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Love is love

They buried us,

But we were seeds.

As they filled the world with clouds of hate,

Hope poured out as rain,

Time was our strength,

The skies cleared out,

As the sun shined bright with love,

Creating seven colors of pride.

We grew and we grew stronger,

Together we soar great heights,

Beauty flowered through,

Seasons passed,

We created fruits of trust, we wilted our problems, we were empty frozen but still alive and we started anew.

As years passed, all I know is,

Even if they cut us down,

Love would be written all over us,

We would be the books and pages with the message of love.

Cause hate knows, if they try to cut all of us down, love will end.

And tell me then, what would hate stay alive for?

What would we stay alive for?

Even though they try their best,

Try to burn out our passion,

Put out equality's flame,

They can never extinguish love.

We would never be gone, hear this,

Nature is on our side, propagating our legacy,

Nothing can define or control love, not even a prophecy.

As life is nothing without love and love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.

Niyati is an 18 year old amateur poet and writer who writes about issues that need voice and the power of words. You can visit her blog on:

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