House of Horrors

the mind is a palace

the mind is a house of horrors

most hospitable to any travellers

regardless of the duration of their stay,

make your memories

clean the dirty sheets

return the keys

be on your way

but the mind is at overcapacity

with unwelcomed visitors

overstaying their customary welcome,

some days

when there is light outside

and they choose to leave for excursions

across the Atlantic where it is night of day

I lock their rooms

and for a while

there is peace in the palace

but when they return from excursions brief

they bring with them ten times the grief

and as a weary innkeeper

I sit in the dark of the night

when silence meanders into isolation

and that is when

the squatters make their move for

the keys I have carelessly left unchecked,

as I am lulled slowly to