Excuse me for a while,

I'm not really in control,

this isn't usually my style,

and I guess it's taking its toll,

It's not something that I can't explain

Cause I could try, but I don't want to,

perhaps it's all in my brain,

an imbalance of things I need to do,

Forgive me for my insolent half,

has been rather kind to display,

that although I may humour you with a laugh,

deep within I'd rather fade away,

somedays I will let you,

question, perhaps ask me why,

and I'll scrutinize and look through,

every single attempt to pacify

and it may seem rather shallow

but i am grateful for your company,

for my words may seem hollow,

when my actions reek of apathy

I guess what I want to say,

is that I am ra