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Acknowledging Anxiety

These illustrations are the wonderful work of Pranita Kocharekar, an independent artist from Mumbai. She draws for a living and often spends time pondering about everything under the sun.

She says, "I didn't realise I was suffering through anxiety until it started impacting my day-to-day activities. I began noting down my triggers and journaling all these anxious moments. I created these illustrations expressing this and the idea was to make people aware that they are not alone- acknowledging anxiety and acting on it is the first step to healthier psychological wellbeing. A lot of people don't know enough about mental health and can’t relate to those who are challenged with psychological vulnerabilities. I hope that through vocalising these struggles, people start realising that just because we don't understand how something works, doesn't mean it can't exist."

This project was featured in Elle India, India Today, Buzzfeed India,Scoopwhoop, 9GAG, Mashable, Huffpost Brazil, The Huff Post, Huff Post UK,,, Everyday Feminism, and a number of other notable magazines and online portals.

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