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You are a wave

There are days when I watch you rise with strength and vigour to conquer the world. A chest puffed up with pride and a mind hardened by valour - you inspire, motivate and strike with force in the face of negative triggers. Like a minuscule flame which holds the power to wade through the darkest alleys - you shine, illuminate and break free from the noir chains of gloom. Fire, fire, you make that fire burn - fuelled by ambition, lust and zest, you make that fire burn! On those days, when I watch you walk towards freedom, I hope and pray you lift those poor, desolate souls up, on your way.

You are a wave.

When the tornado hits, I’ve watched you rise, this time, with fear in my eyes. You wept and howled and shredded every ray of hope - I’ve watched you and your fragile heart crumble. Terror-stricken and grieving, you stood in a corner hugging yourself - “it’ll be okay, we’ll be alright” - you repeatedly lied to yourself. “Your spirit is a roaring sea...your spirit is a roaring sea...your spirit is a roaring sea…” you kept mumbling to strangers. Why is it that when the tornado chases after you to destroy you - you flee? The stench from your rotting soul pushes everyone, especially familiar strangers, away - On such days, I wish you rose, not just to survive but to resurrect yourself.

You are a wave.

As still as the floor you lay on, I watched a tiny tear trickle down your pale cheek - what had robbed you of your summer and painted you blue with a snowy winter? Those empty eyes, that shrivelled body and that decayed being was enough to melt the icy hearts that hurt you. Even in that state of desolation, you kept whispering to passers-by, “Let your incorrigible spirit rise...let your incorrigible spirit rise...let your incorrigible spirit rise…”

I remember laying down next you, caressing your tangled locks, hoping to suck the apathy out of you. However, failure is always accompanied by a lesson well learnt and mine recited itself continuously without a break - you, my little warrior, are a wave - a strong, emotional, brave wave.

Radhika is a creative escapist constantly looking to break away from gloomy chains of monotony through art, books and words.

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