Considering a career in psychology-related fields?

Understand how to choose the type of mental health professional you would like to be, what each designation means and the potential requirements for each one to practice ethically.


Attend a PSYCHOLOGY CAREER COUNSELLING WEBINAR to understand the scope in your chosen field and get clarity on your educational doubts, answered from my personal & professional experience with a lot of practical, realistic tips.

What this webinar will cover:

1. 4 main subfields in psychology-related fields

2. Differences in Mental Health professions

and ethical career/education path for all

3. How to choose the right course for YOU.

4. Want to study abroad? Understand licensing, education costs etc.

5. How to build a strong application (study abroad)

6. Lesser known fields with great potential

7. Realistic career scope in India + financial viability

8. Making an informed decision about the MPhil

9. Choosing courses in India

10. Knowing how to research one's own opportunities

+ how to create ethical opportunities

DISCLAIMER: I cannot tell you what to do or what is best for you - that journey is an individual one.

 I can only offer important resources to make the most informed choices for yourself.

Date: 23rd February (Wednesday)

Time: 6.15-7.45pm IST

Fee: Rs 1000

Format: 1 hour presentation + 30 minute live Q&A

Open to everyone interested except present/former clients.

Your spot will be confirmed only after payment. Fee is non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: I usually expect 30+ number of participants, so you will be asked to submit your questions in advance.