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Minimum Qualification: Masters in Counselling/Clinical Psychology/Psychosocial clinical studies/Psychoanalytic Studies/Psychology/Applied Psychology from a recognised University. Not open to Distance Learning Courses.

Required work experience: 0-5 years

Theoretical orientation: Training and interest in psychodynamic & person-centred theory is essential and a desire to work predominantly long term, using an insight oriented approach.

Location: Mumbai/Online. I wish to hire therapists willing to learn and grow and they need not be restricted by their place of residence.

Remuneration: Revenue share model

No. of places open: 4 new therapists

Time commitment: 2 year contract

Why work with me?

When I started out, what I needed most was a safe, holding space that offered me a secure base to learn and grow as a practitioner to find my voice and technique. I also felt I needed help translating theory to practice, rooting my work in an intrapsychic, interpersonal and socio-political lens. I needed to feel a sense of community in a profession that can often feel quite isolating - and someone to turn to in times of crisis. Not to fix my feelings, but help me work through them in a way that benefitted my clients and helped me notice my own patterns.

I needed steady supervision with someone who understood the demographic of clients I worked with. I realised theory was always growing and I needed guidance to expand my theoretical lens.
But I could never find one space that could offer me all of this. 

So here I am trying to offer you a work environment that prioritises your personal and professional growth, work-life balance, a sense of community and most importantly, a wholesome space that helps you grow into yourself at work.


What you get:

1. Mandatory weekly group supervision with Rhea.
2. Clients and administration taken care of by my office administrator - Samir - and myself
3. Mandatory weekly peer supervision
4. Weekly/monthly theory seminars
5. 8 weeks mandatory leave

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview online/in person by 20th June latest. 

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