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Psychoanalytic Reading Group

Welcome to our 6 month reading group where we will explore psychoanalysis together.

Psychoanalysis provides a unique, deep and enriching lens to see yourself and the world. Yet, sometimes it can be quite challenging to read these thinkers alone!

The aim of this group is to make complex readings accessible for beginners in psychoanalysis. It will also create a sense community to hold each other when these texts bring up difficult feelings and memories.

This will also be beneficial for those of you looking to get back in touch with reading. Such texts can help spark moments of connection with yourself and the world around you!

Course Structure: The course consists of 6 modules covered over 6 months.

  • Module 1- Introduction to Psychoanalysis: Thinking Analytically

  • Module 2- Our raw beginnings: Relational needs in infancy

  • Module 3- Intergenerational Trauma: Bearing with our Ghosts

  • Module 4- Psychic Trauma: Pain and ruptured of the self

  • Module 5- Rethinking lows in a World of Highs: Undoing Manic Defense

  • Module 6:-Psychoanalysis and the World: Rethinking Our Insides and Outsides

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