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Durga Menon


Prof Background

Professional Background

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MSc. Psychology, Bengaluru (2016-2018)

B.A Psychology (Honours), Bengaluru (2012 -2015) 

UNREAD MHP Training Program, Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru (September 2021-February 2022) 

Therapeutic Approach

Integrating Psychodynamic and Person-Centered Therapy 

Therapeutic Approach
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I rely primarily on the psychodynamic lens. It helps me understand your inner world and circumstances, and how they have shaped and aided you in coping so far.  Therapeutic spaces can help unfold and uncover layers; unraveling the emotions we may have tucked away, yet guide the patterns that we rely on every day unconsciously. Our sessions will help bring your patterns to life, to understand how to evolve from them or accept them as they are. 

I view you, the patient as an equal contributor to the collaborative process of therapy. The work we do together is relational, which means that reflections and insights are also born from the relationship we create between us over time. The person-centered approach aligns with my need to provide an empathetic, genuine, and non-judgemental to those I work with.In my time with you, I hope to create a holding space where we can navigate through the waves that ebb and flow at the shores of your inner world, exploring vocabulary that can begin the conversation between you and yourself. 

My areas of mental health support include anxiety, stress, PCOS, and relationships. I work with individuals in the young adult and adult demographic (18 years old and above). I work non-diagnostically, which means I am more concerned with understanding the nuances of your experience with mental health, rather than deducing your experience from a diagnostic label. As a part of my clinical practice, I am engaged in regular individual and peer clinical supervision with a senior psychotherapist as well as with a group of therapists. ​​

"Be easy,

Take your time,

You are coming home to yourself"

 - The Becoming

-Nayirrah Waheed, Nejma, 2014

Work and Pub



Therapeutic Community Manager, (Academic TC), Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, November 2022-May 2023

Sports Psychologist Trainee, Reliance Foundation Young Champs (RFYC), Navi Mumbai, April 2019- January 2021

Psychology Student Mentor, The Climber Pvt. Ltd (My Captain program), Bengaluru, September 2016- March 2019

Research Assistant of Mind Matters Clinic, Bengaluru, June 2015- March 2016

Menon, Durga.“The Possible Development of the Ideal Self through social networking site among adolescents”. In the Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing Volume 4, April, 2018  691-693. Link here 

prof dev



Transactional Analysis (TA 101), International Transactional Analysis Association, August 2022

Risk Assessment and Management, Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, September 2022

Certificate in 'Working with Trauma', Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, April 2022



American Psychological Association, International Affiliate, February 2023 


Association for Psychosocial Studies, September 2022 

Mosaic (Academic Therapeutic Community), Hank Nunn Institute, September 2021 -present

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