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Psychodynamic Psychotherapist 


 In my time with you, I hope to co-create a holding space where we can navigate through the waves that ebb and flow at the shores of your inner world, exploring vocabulary that can begin the conversation between you and yourself.


Our time together will help bring your patterns and lived experiences to life, to understand how to evolve from them or accept them as they are.

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  • MSc. Psychology, Bengaluru (2016-2018)

  • B.A Psychology (Honours), Bengaluru (2012 -2015) 


  • Relationships and Dynamics (Interpersonal difficulties) 

  • Understanding the Self and Identity

  • Abuse and Trauma (Emotional, Financial & Sexual)

  • Marital and Family Life

  • Workplace Dynamics and Concerns

  • Attachment History and Childhood 

  • Career and Life Transitions 

  • Grief and Loss  

  • Gender and Sexuality (Queer affirmative support)

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Depression


  • Psychodynamic Lens and Relational Psychotherapy:

Reflective thinking and insights are born from the (therapeutic) relationship co-created between us over time. Therapeutic conversations allow me to understand how your childhood patterns have shaped and aided you in coping so far. I complement my work by using the body, gestalt principles, psychoanalytic, and attachment lenses. 

  • Democratic Therapeutic Community Methodology: The therapeutic alliance is rooted in the framework of the democratic therapeutic community Iens. I view you, the client as an equal contributor to the collaborative process of therapy. Some of the values from the DTC approach that aid me in holding a therapeutic space are containment, balance, process-oriented dialogue, respect, and communication.

  • Non-diagnostic and Context-oriented: I rely on the client's psychosocial context and lived experiences of mental health, to facilitate the creation of vocabulary concerning a person's narrative and social location.

  • Trauma-informed and Queer-affirmative

  • BACP ethical guidelines contribute to how I hold therapeutic spaces responsibly. 




  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Rhea Gandhi Psychotherapy, 2022 - present 

  • Mosaic, Academic Therapeutic Group Facilitator, Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, August 2023 - present

  • Mosaic, Academic Therapeutic Community Manager, Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, November 2022 - May 2023

  • Sports Psychologist Trainee, Reliance Foundation Young Champs, Navi Mumbai, April 2019- January 2021

  • Psychology Student Mentor, The Climber Pvt. Ltd (My Captain program), Bengaluru, September 2016 - March 2019

  • Research Assistant of Mind Matters Clinic, Bengaluru, June 2015 - March 2016​​




  • UNREAD Training Program (for mental health practitioners), Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru September 2021- February 2022

  • Certificate in 'Working with Trauma', Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, April 2022

  • Transactional Analysis (TA 101), International Transactional Analysis Association, August 2022

  • Risk Assessment and Management, Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, September 2022

  • Seminar on Trauma and Attachment, International Attachment Network, April 2023 (Online) 

  • Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice, Mariwala Health Initiative, Bengaluru, May 2023

  • Understanding Personality Disorders beyond Diagnosis, Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru,March-May 2024  

  • Psychoanalytic Reading Group, Reading Between the Lines with Reva Puri, Rhea Gandhi Psychotherapy, July 2023 - June 2024


  • Living Learning Experience (LLE), 3-day Transient Therapeutic Community, Hank Nunn Institute, Bengaluru, January 2024

  • TCTC core values, The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities (TCTC) UK, March 2024

  • TC Practitioner Competencies: The 'Why' and the 'How', The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities (TCTC) UK, May 2024


  • Here and Now: Gestalt as a daily practice with Shalini Rao (Queer Affirmative and Gestalt Practitioner), Bengaluru, July - August 2024

  • Attachment Theory and its Clinical Applications, International Attachment Network UK, January - November 2024



  • Mosaic (Academic Therapeutic Community), Member and Group Facilitator, Hank Nunn Institute, September 2021- present​

  • Association for Psychosocial Studies, Member, September 2022 - present

  • The Relational School, Member, January 2024 - present

  • International Network of Democratic Therapeutic Communities - Relational Practice, Member, February 2024 - present 

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