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Rachna Aravind

Integrative Psychotherapist

 M.Sc Counseling Psychology, B.Sc Psychology,

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Hello, I'm Rachna!

Like fingerprints, I believe that each of our experiences are extremely unique. If you and I were put through the exact same ordeal, how we experience the same, would be worlds apart. It is because of such dynamic, complicated and unique interactions, I don't believe in the "one size fits all" approach.


I draw from insight oriented, trauma-focused, psychodynamic and relational schools of psychotherapy that emphasize both your experience of the past and how it plays out for you in the present day-to-day functioning of your mind, body, and in the interactions with the world around you. 


I also believe in the exploratory approach, where I will attempt to understand your functioning in this world, rather than leading with assumptions. My goal here is not to provide solutions or advice, but rather, I will attempt to create space for your emotions, desires, memories, anxieties, and fears as we embark on this journey together

Our work together 

After much thought and contemplation (through my 5 year training), I have come to recognize my lack of faith in the diagnostic lens of viewing humans. I find it challenging to bring humans down to very constrictive labels. I believe that we are all wired differently, in neuro diverse ways. In a world, where we are taught to write between the lines, "learn" the ways of being a "good" worker and choose socially set paths for us, I believe that we get to curate our lives in any way we please, as long as we remain true to ourselves and don't bother or disturb the people around us. Subscribing to this lens also means recognition of the fact that we are made up of our experiences, and hence will be affected by them.


Week after week, our goal would be to make "existing" a little easier. Together, for that one hour, we will carry the psychological and emotional weight that you usually carry alone. As it becomes a little lighter, we bring it into the spotlight, understand why it exists and ask it, "what do you have to say" and "how can I help you make it lighter".


Through my experience with sport and performance I have also come to believe that therapy is not just for those who are trying to feel better, to survive a little better, for themselves. It is also when you want to do better, to "thrive" in relationships, work and just personally on our own journeys.  

"Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all."
- Erik Erikson

Educational background


  • Masters of Science in Counselling Psychology

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Work experience

  • Schizophrenic Research Foundation (SCARF), Chennai

    • April, 2019 - May, 2019 - 120 hours

  • Chemical Addiction and Rehabilitation Education (CARE)

    • Mental Health Counselor Trainee

    • Feb, 2022 - May, 2022

  • Pro bono - trainee therapist 

    • Christ (Deemed to be) University​, Bangalore

    • 250 client hours

  • Sport Psychology and Research Intern

    • Discovery - Sport & Performance Laboratory

    • January, 2021 - current

  • Therapheal

    • Project intern

    • April, 2022 - June, 2022


  • Rachna Aravind, Sahen Gupta & Ghayathri Sweta Kumari R A (2021), A pilot study on emotional intelligence & its impact on pre-competitive anxiety: How does it operate in the non-WEIRD Indian sport context?, International Journal of Physiology, Nutrition and Physical Education, 7(1), 08-16,

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