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'The purpose of psychotherapy is to create a healing conversation.'

- Neville Symington

It is not just for a rare few but for everyone.


Psychotherapy and counselling is not only restricted to relieving the psychological difficulties, trauma or crises you are experiencing, but also helps you develop and flourish as a person. It offers a confidential, compassionate space to explore the fullness of yourself and allows you to reconnect with the lost, neglected parts of you. The depths of your inner world, your unconscious motivations, your buried phantasies, when left unexplored, often hold you back from reaching your whole potential. It is often difficult to face and accept all the broken, unloved, unexplored fragments of ourselves alone and with honesty. It is through this process that you will have the safety and freedom to try.


Whatever the reason that you’ve found this website, therapy can probably help you feel better and enrich the quality of your mental and psychosomatic physical health.

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