Shift in the Blog: #HeartOnMyBookSleeve Bookclub

Hello beautiful people!

I just wanted to write to you to say we will be shifting the focus of this blog. I have received a bunch of lovely writing from people in the last few years and am so deeply appreciative to every one of them for sharing their stories and writing.

However, I am also going to use this space to write about books for a new Instagram Bookclub I am starting.

It is called #HeartOnMyBookSleeve. Here is how you can join this community!

  • I will post a curated book every month themed around the human experience on my Instagram @rgpsychotherapy.

  • I will share questions/prompts/polls on the book weekly in my stories so you stay accountable to reading with me.

  • Take a picture/post your favourite quotes while you are reading it, with the bookclub hashtag.

  • End of the month, you can engage with other bookclub members when I review the book on this blog and in an Instagram post through the comments.

  • Eventually (after COVID) we can even meet up at a coffee shop in person to discuss!

Please do keep sharing your new writing with me, I will still keep this space open to submissions. But would love for you to engage in the book club with me too!

The first book for January 2021 is:

'Come As You Are' by Emily Nagoski.

You can buy this book here using my Amazon Affiliate link:

Buying the book from this link allows me to earn a passive income that can perhaps compensate me for the effort I intend to put into this bookclub for myself and you.

Thank you so much for being a part of this community, I appreciate your love and support.

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