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The Eternal Conflict

The Eternal Conflict: Variability v/s Stability

Home is where the heart is.

But if you don’t know what the heart is, home would be far from known.

Finding a home in yourself is the hardest thing to do, honestly.

There’s the constant challenge of being at ease with who you are v/s trying to explore who you could be.

And this conflict spills over into your work, your friendships and your relationships. It truly is far from being resolved.

You get too safe in your comfort zone.

You choose to explore.

You search for variability.

You occupy your time with something new.

You master that.

You find stability.

You get too safe in your comfort zone.

The cycle seems never-ending.

Giving rise to the eternal conflict of Variability v/s Stability. Embracing this conflict is hard.

It is though, the only way to move forward.

As you move from one version of yourself to the next – feeling stable will let you know you’ve mastered that level and the need for variability will let you know you’re ready to move up to next one.

What you consider to be chaos in your being is actually just your own evolution.

The sooner you accept the eternal conflict, the faster you’ll find the pattern of your heart and eventually, you’ll find what the heart is. In time, you’ll find your home too.

Anvita Dixit is currently working on sparking conversation about 'self discovery' through Yoga, Fitness and the Arts on her blog and YouTube Channel. You can follow her on

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