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Trying to Escape

a void defines my peace

sanity, a shred of nightmare

the key lost in clasped hands

I stand, like a shattered glass

groaning for an escape

for the sweet kiss of release

but the whip of reality

lashes me to sleep

trembling, I try to stand

like a phoenix from its ashes

but as Zeus undid Atlas

i remain chained to my burden


the spikes of hate circle

my throbbing love for life

the demons dance between my eyes

and I cumber, slowly cumber

faded memories are the smiles

gone the sweet days of yore

hell, an Elysium with fields of gold

to my phantasma of no remorse

bright it glows at the end

the sweet smell intoxicating

my legs go weak from chasing

that which one day i shall reach

Zervaan is a passionate liberal and dramatic storyteller who often feels like he has to smile even when he doesn't want to.

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