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Learning to Live Without

(This artwork is another soulful creation by Sarah Quinley)

With each goodbye we learn when to let go and how to yearn. To love more those who are in our lives, but at first its hard to recognize At the start, we cannot believe that something we love so much can leave. That which we knew will forever change. Somehow we have to rearrange We feel anger and we're unsure Unable to trust we can endure The pain, much too great to take Our feelings we may increasingly hate People may lack in which we can confide We may feel as if we need to hide

The feelings that wax and wane in you

You have no answers for what to do

If I were to make a wish for you It would be for the resilience to follow through And allow for the turbulent ebbs and the flows To let your feelings come and go And after that, if it does help There is something inside yourself: The knowledge that those lost will be a part of you indefinitely. That love will always live in your heart In that you know you will never part. When you miss them, just go inside You can visit them there, anytime.

Sarah Quinley is a psychotherapist and counsellor, singer-songwriter, artist and poet currently based in Edinburgh. She runs a blog accepting stories about people's experiences in therapy. You can submit your stories and visit her website here:

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